Joanne Crovini Nutritional Therapist

Cardiff Based Nutrition & Diet Advice

¬      Are you lacking energy and motivation?

¬      Do you feel overwhelmed by the stress of day to day life?

¬      Are you struggling to cope with the changes of menopause?

¬      Does anxiety affect your life?

¬      Are you trying to conceive or wanting peak health for pregnancy?

¬      Do digestive problems affect you daily?

¬      Know you could be so much healthier?

¬      Do you want to lose weight and keep it off?


If the answer to any of these is YES contact me to discuss your needs. Most of us have busy lives, so our diet often takes a back seat, with food grabbed on the run and we may have forgotten the positive impact food can have on how we feel.  


The people I see are not feeling 100% but have got so used to feeling that way that it becomes the new normal and they get on with life. The right nutrition and lifestyle for you as an individual can have a big impact on how well and how energised you feel. By taking a detailed health and medical history, considering your commitments and lifestyle and supporting you with ongoing coaching I can help you form new habits that improve your day to day wellbeing.  

Taking charge of your health can mean changing what you eat as well as how and where you eat, finding ways of managing stress and taking more time for yourself. 

My Focus as a Nutritional Therapist

I will support you in making informed decisions and working towards your goals so that you believe, as I do, that health is not just "the absence of disease", it is "a state of complete physical, mental and social well being" that we can all achieve. 

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Take charge of your health…