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Malcolm, Cardiff: I went to Joanne earlier this year with a couple of problems I have had for some time.  She is very easy to talk to and knows what she is talking about.  After seeing her I quickly found that my problems disappeared.  My diet is now much better, which allows me to participate in the activities I enjoy without running out of energy and feeling exhausted.

Chris, Cardiff: Many many thanks for all your help and support over this last year in assisting me in alleviating this wretched chronic fatigue that has plagued me for many years. I have had many ups and downs with it despite following a fairly healthy diet. Nevertheless having now reviewed my diet with you and made some little adjustments and some added vitamin supplements my situation has improved a great deal. I feel that I am now in a much better place, which is greater than I dared hope for. So I can't thank you enough for your patience and support in helping advise on food, herbs and spices, supplements even suggested menus and snacks.

Sam, Cardiff: I want to thank you for everything you have taught me, you literally have helped me to change my life.  

Mark, Cardiff: After experiencing stomach problems for about three years, which the GP put down to IBS, I first saw Joanne in November 2015. Although we agreed that my diet was not too bad she recommended some changes to eliminate the usual suspects. Things are very much improved thanks to Joanne and I now know what I have to do to keep on the straight and narrow. As well as being very knowledgeable, Joanne is also extremely well organised, always following up our meetings with a summary of her recommendations and recipes. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to someone looking for nutritional and dietary advice. 

Helen, Cardiff: Joanne's advice helped me to manage the effects of a chronic illness.  I have now overcome energy slumps and have learnt about the link between good food and optimum health.  Joanne gives good, honest and well informed advice.  I can't recommend her highly enough. 

Gary, Swansea: I contacted Joanne in search of a better understanding of nutrition with the aim to increasing my weight as I have always struggled with this throughout my life.  From the initial meeting we discussed my current diet and made simple changes that I could make to immediately increase my calories in each meal, taking into account that I have just begun Crossfit, so would need more calories to maintain and increase my weight.  Joanne was happy to provide me with simple and quick recipes along with supplement advice.  This is just one example in the number of ways Joanne has helped me, I am really grateful to Joanne for all her help and continued support, I can not recommend her highly enough! 

Linda, Cardiff: After suffering for several years with acid related problems and getting nowhere with various GPs, I decided to see a nutritionist.  I was constantly exhausted and feeling generally under the weather.  Because of the acid problems I was eating very pain food, had little or no appetite and was concerned that I was leaving important nutrients from my diet.  I found Joanne on the internet and liked the look of her website and felt that she might be able to help and after speaking to Joanne on the phone I was confident that she could.  She was interested in the fact that I have an underactive thyroid and quickly linked the connection between m digestive and thyroid problem.  Joanne devised a suitable diet for my health requirements and within a couple of weeks of my first appointment my digestive symptoms had improved considerably.  I feel so much better now and with Joanne's help have regained my love for food. 

Mike, Cardiff: I was recommended to see Joanne following many years of suffering with a low grade digestive disorder. I was very impressed with Joanne's enthusiasm and attention to detail. As part of the assessment process I found the food diary to be particularly revealing, guided by Joanne's excellent insight. By implementing much of Joanne's advice I am now mostly symptom free and have incorporated sustainable changes to my diet. 

Diana, Cardiff:  Just thought I would update you on my progress since receiving advice from you almost 18 months ago now.  I have lost just over a stone in weight & kept it off. Recent blood results show I need to take less thyroxine & my cholesterol is down from 6.2 to 5.5.  Thankfully the joint pain in my hands has gone too.  As you can imagine I am very pleased with these results & very glad I came to see you. 

Rebecca Cardiff: The work Joanne has done with me has been invaluable. She helped me to approach my diet and lifestyle completely differently, and it was a great relief to discover that such support existed. She also helped me to understand that poor lifestyle and attitude to food can plan a major part in not only your sense of well being but also your mental state which in turn affects the efficient functioning of your body. Joanne certainly helps you to look at your lifestyle with a new perspective! Thankyou so much for all your help, I feel I have really turned a corner!  

Jen, Cardiff: Having suffered a complete breakdown of my digestive and immune systems I was suffering debilitating symptoms and the NHS approach was unable to help me.  I found Joanne through a quick Google search for nutritional help and thank goodness I did!  She quickly suggested some appropriate tests to narrow down the problem and helped me to get back on my feet with a combination of diet and lifestyle changes, and supplements.  I found her knowledge and advice broad and helpful, and her approachable manner and willingness to listen and suggest best options for me, rather than following an identikit approach, really supportive and beneficial.  As I had to change my approach to food almost completely her suggestions for recipes and substitutes were invaluable and helped me to transition onto a long term healthy diet that suits my body.  I am really grateful to Joanne for all her help and support , and can not recommend her services highly enough! 

Carol, SwanseaI came to see Joanne about skin problems, psoriasis and inflammatory problems. I wasn't sure what to expect but Joanne put me at ease and  gave me some recipe ideas together with supplements and what types of food to avoid and others to increase.  I left our first appointment feeling very positive. I have followed her advice for these conditions and other problems and seen improvements; this has given me much needed confidence that I am going in the right direction.  Joanne has been really helpful when other health issues have arisen and will give advice via e-mail, which has been an extra bonus. The supplements are posted out to your home very quickly.   When you have an appointment you don't feel as if that is it and the fact that you can contact Joanne has been invaluable. I can't praise her enough. 

Steve, Cardiff: I started to see Joanne for nutrition advice simply because I had previously been diagnosed with a few awkward food intolerances. However I was also pleased to find that she was able to provide me with eating/dietary advice and diet change recommendations that would help me on a day-to-day basis (e.g. improve my energy levels, my digestion, etc.) and even help to ward off a long-term illness that my body had been fighting - something that I never would've thought could even be improved through changing my diet, but has been. I'm more than happy to recommend her onto others needing a friendly, competent nutritionist who's more than happy to answer any question or query that you have. 

Alan, Cardiff:  From the initial meeting there were several things I could start doing immediately that would be beneficial to me and with adding a few new things to my diet, things began to improve.  Joanne also gave me several recipes to use to make nutritious meals as I am a vegetarian, and these proved to be very tasty too.  On a visit to Joanne about a year later we agreed fasting was worth a try for weight loss and I kept to this easily and found that although I wasn't eating very much on my fasting days I was not feeling hungry. Within about 6 to 9 months I had lost almost 2 and a half stone and was feeling absolutely great. With the advice I have received from Joanne my weekly food intake is completely different, and has certainly been of great benefit to me.  

Kate, Cardiff:  Coming to you was honestly some of the best money I've ever spent - my attitude to food and my body has completely changed, and I have so much more energy and generally enjoy food a lot more!  So I'm very happy to recommend you!

Lara, Guildford: I was embarking on a trip abroad and I knew I wouldn't be getting the right vitamins and minerals, and what Jo prescribed was perfect. I felt great on the supplements, my skin looked bright, I had energy and it sorted out all the problems we initially discussed. I am still taking the supplements and still feel great 

John, Cardiff: I visited Jo after deciding that at 37 I needed to make some changes. It's been very easy to take her advice on board and fit it in to my schedule. With a few simple changes to my diet I'm pleased to see I'm feeling healthier within a few months. 

Louise, London: I could not believe what an impact it had on how I felt and my body!!!! Weight dropped off me and I felt like I had a balanced amount of energy rather than ups and downs through the day. Some simple bits of advice to follow made the world of difference and I am really grateful for everything I learnt!

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