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The Nutritional Therapy Programme

I offer programmes with four, eight or 12 sessions and all are personalised to suit your individual needs. We'll establish your goals right at the start as well as talking about your schedule and responsibilities, how much time you have for cooking, what foods you like and dislike and what your biggest barriers and challenges are.

We’ll agree two or three changes initially and we’ll discuss how these fit in with your life, how you can achieve them and make them your new habits. At our weekly catch up sessions we’ll review how you got on, what worked and what didn’t and from there we’ll tweak and add to your personalised programme.

You’ll get as much support as you need from me at the sessions as well as between sessions via email. I’m always here if you get stuck or need reassurance and am always ready with simple tips and suggestions for how to achieve the next step. Ongoing support and accountability means better long term results for you. This method of working together allows me to support and coach you whilst you make lasting changes for the best success - 50% of change is knowing what to do and the other 50% is having the tools and support to do it.


From a practical point of view before the session I'll ask you to fill in questionnaires that let me know your current symptoms, medications, supplements, lifestyle, food intake and what you would like to achieve. At our initial session I'll clarify the details and form a timeline of your health before working with you to agree the first steps and how they fit into your routine.

All the advice I give is individually tailored, honest and well researched with no quick fix diets, just real food and simple consistent changes that allow you to take back control. I want you to know what to eat, when to eat it and why, without guilt or feelings of failure and that it is possible to feel better without it being hard and depriving yourself.

All programmes include recipes and a seven day personalised menu plan.

Four sessions - £247 – BOOK NOW 

Eight sessions - £447 – BOOK NOW 

12 sessions - £647 – BOOK NOW 


**Eight and 12 session options are available on a payment plan.


Or book a free 20 minute exploratory call 

You can also download my free Hormone Friendly Lunches That Are Ready in 10 Minutes by clicking here​!

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