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Female Health

  • Have you been juggling all the balls for years but are about to drop them?

  • Are you the woman who has it all?

    • All the stress?

    • All the responsibility?

    • All the mental load?

  • Have others needs come before your own?

  • Is it time to stop?

  • Is it time to put yourself first? With no guilt attached.


I work with women of all ages who’ve been going at full speed for years, who don’t sit down until everything is done, who look after others before they look at their own needs and who are tired. We often carry the load for years until something tips us and we can no longer rise to the challenge. For many women this tipping point is peri-menopause when our hormones become erratic and play havoc with our energy, mood, skin and sleep as well as our cycles. For others it comes earlier with a diagnosis of PCOS, endometriosis or PMDD. And for some there may not be a diagnosis but still a feeling of overwhelm or periods that knock us out once a month.

I can support you to take your life back though simple diet and lifestyle change. By taking back control you can feel like yourself again, get your energy back, think more clearly and have a stable mood. The fog can lift and you can feel confident in yourself and in the food choices that you make.  When I arrived at peri-menopause my diet was pretty good and I was fitter than I’d been for years, but still the sudden lack of energy took me by surprise – I felt drained and like I was wading through mud daily. The diet that had been working for me for years wasn’t quite what I needed anymore and changes have had a huge impact. They can for you too. 


Four sessions - £247 – BOOK NOW

Eight sessions - £447 – BOOK NOW 

12 sessions - £647 – BOOK NOW 

12 sessions with cycle tracking and DUTCH testing - £1147 BOOK NOW


**Eight and 12 session options are available on a payment plan.


Or book a free 20 minute exploratory call

You can also download my free Hormone Friendly Lunches That Are Ready in 10 Minutes by clicking here!

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