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The Happy Hormones Membership

A Supportive Membership To Help You Reach Your Goals

Being healthy doesn't have to be all or nothing. It doesn't have to be hard.

  • Do you struggle to keep up with new healthy habits?

  • Are you slipping when life gets busy and never really getting back on track?

  • Have you lost weight only to regain it again because what you did wasn't realistic?

  • Did you work with a nutritionist and love it but struggle to keep things up on your own?

Life is busy - let's face it we're all going at 100 miles an hour 24/7 and there's not always time to do everything we want. Often we commit to being healthier, we're enthusiastic about it and we throw ourselves in,  BUT after a week we lose motivation.

We've tried to do too much, we're tired, it wasn't realistic and we don't have support.

Maybe you've worked with a professional like a nutritionist or a personal trainer. Or maybe you've been inspired by a book or a social media account. The changes you made were great, while they lasted. BUT without the initial inspiration of the book and without the 121 support it's really hard to keep it up.

Research shows that most of us can't make significant changes on our own - even if our lives depend on it. However, when you have a supportive group of people who you can relate to, who believe that you can change, who give you the tools to change and who encourage you to keep going with your goals you are more likely to stick to those changes in the long term.

That's why I've designed this membership. It's for women who are fed up of the 'on again off again' healthy eating hamster wheel.

For women who want to enjoy their food and not feel like they have to say no to things they love.

For women who want to change but struggle to do it for the long term.


Imagine how it would feel to:

  • Ditch the guilt around food and feel like you have the right balance

  • Keep up with the positive changes you've made and know that a blip really is just a blip

  • Enjoy wine and cake without feeling as if you've failed

  • Have a simple solution to your health goals that works long term

  • Have a step by step process for getting back on track after holidays and events

  • Have someone to keep you accountable and motivated

  • Are you fed up of repeating the same pattern of making positive changes then slipping back to old habits?

  • Is it time to enjoy food again instead of labelling it good or bad?

  • Do you wish you could find the balance instead of being all or nothing?

  • Are you confused by what to eat and how much of something is too much?

  • Do you beat yourself up for 'failing' on your healthy eating plan again? 


There is so much pressure on us these days. Pressure to eat well, to exercise, to work, to ferry the kids around to activities, to socialise, etc. It's really no surprise that we can't keep up with the positive changes we make because life takes over and we don't have the support. It starts with one busy day when you can't eat as planned and before we know it we're back to where we started and feeling as if we may as well not have bothered.


Every time this happens we feel worse about ourselves.


It doesn't have to be that way.  This brand new monthly membership will give you:



  • A supportive community of like minded women that have your back

  • Simple diet solutions that work long term

  • The ability to keep up with your positive changes through accountability

  • Inspiration to make food and health fun again

  • The balance to stop you flip flopping from all to nothing and back

  • A variety of quick easy meals with menu plans and shopping lists

  • Consistency and control of your food

  • Structure and ease in your food choice

  • Grabbable food ideas for when you have no time

  • Be full of energy and on the ball every day

You're lacking inspiration and motivation - let's face it you're mentally and physically tired. 

You're lacking inspiration and motivation - let's face it you're mentally and physically tired. The last year has given even those of us who love food a feeling of 'food fatigue' from the constant provision of three meals and two snacks a day.

Your food isn't nourishing you, it isn't filling you with energy and your thinking is foggy. But you're fed up of making changes that you can't keep up with and you don't have the time or the will to start all over again with a new diet plan.

It's time to take action - it's time to feel 100% again. This monthly membership was designed with you in mind. It's a chance to be supported to achieve your goals and to be held accountable for them. It's also a place where you'll be helped to get back on track when it does all go pear shaped. No guilt. No feelings of failure.

A small change that lasts for the long term is always better than a huge change that you can't keep up because it wasn't realistic.

What's Included:

  • A value packed membership that combines practical tips with simple recipes and ongoing support to help you look after your health with a balanced plan that's doable in the long term:

  • Opportunity to set and monitor your goals

  • Monthly themes and challenges

  • Menu plans to fit with the season with options for all diets

  • Monthly masterclass addressing your needs

  • Weekly Zoom coaching calls to keep you on track

  • A supportive Facebook Group for as much ongoing support as you need

  • Book reviews and suggestions

  • All of this is just £35 a month - an amazing one off price for this new programme!




When does it start? It's an ongoing membership and you can join at any point.


When will the weekly Zoom calls be? The group call is at 17:00 every Wednesday.


Will there be veggie and vegan options? Yes all dietary needs are catered for.


When will the monthly Masterclass be? The Masterclass is on the first Wednesday of every month at 17:00 (in place of the group check in call)


I've tried all the diets, why is this different? This isn't a diet - it's a way of setting goals and being supported to achieve them over the long term. I'm here to give you the tips and advice that you need as well as to keep you accountable.


What if I don't like it? Can I leave? You can stay in the group for as long as you need - you don't need to commit for any length of time.


What if I can't make the sessions? Everything will be recorded so you can catch up later and the Facebook group will always be open.


What if I hate big group coaching sessions? I will always keep the groups small and if they get too big I'll add a second weekly call to accommodate the numbers.


What if I decide I need more support? You can work with me 121 to target specific conditions or issues that you're experiencing.

What People Say About Working With Me In My Groups:


Rachel: “I cannot recommend it enough. Incredibly easy to follow recipes and completely delicious. A comprehensive and straight forward approach to improving wellbeing through improved nutrition. Joanne was on hand to offer support and information where needed and the closed Facebook group and weekly coaching online meetings allowed participants to network and support one another. If you are looking for support to change your eating habits and improve your wellbeing then I would not hesitate in recommending Joanne..”


Amy: “I would recommend it to anyone who is feeling reliant on caffeine or sugary hits to get through the day. Jo's plan was achievable and varied. I didn't feel hungry or restricted and the meal ideas were easy to make and very tasty with options for vegetarian or vegan diets. Having some clear structure around meals was very helpful for me and helped me to understand the way I had been eating and the habits I had developed over the years. Being part of a group was helpful in helping me stay on track. Hearing how the others were getting on was reassuring and sharing tips and recipes was quite inspiring. Jo was available to answer any questions and offered the group lots of ideas for our various needs and wants. Nothing was banned or off limits but certain things were reduced. At the end of the two weeks I felt really good - my body responded really well to the plan and I felt that my blood sugar levels were balanced and I wasn't relying on caffeine to fuel my days. Overall I believe that this had lead to me feeling generally more calm and level. I recommend Jo to anyone who feels that their eating habits could be better”.


Fion: “I enjoyed the feeling of doing something new. There was not one meal on the plan that I had tried before or seen anywhere else come to think of it, so really enjoyed the novelty of trying new meals & breaking the norm. I've loved the shakes too! After being on Slimming World for forever and being told you can't really have shakes & juice because they are high in syns they have been very much enjoyed . I really really really didn't think I was ever going to break my sugar addiction but didn't even think about it in the 2 weeks! Amazing!”.

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