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Employee Wellbeing

Stress related absence costs the UK an estimated 10% of its GNP, so it makes sense for organisations to look after the emotional resilience of their employees.


Wellbeing is firmly on the agenda and is something employees look for when considering companies to work for. It’s not surprising that over 40% of employers now have a workplace wellbeing strategy and almost 70% of those include nutrition as an integral part of supporting employees to be more resilient, have better sleep, increased energy, more positive mood and to be more focused.

Employees who are engaged with their organisation take an average of 3.8 less sick days a year, meaning improved productivity, less absence and a happier workforce. Cardiff Nutritionist has a decade of experience in giving employees the tools to improve their own health and wellbeing with simple and practical changes that work with busy lifestyles.

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What I offer

Workshops & presentations

Always interactive with lots of time for questions and covering topics including building resilience to stress, increasing energy levels and concentration, supporting mental health and managing menopause. Staff will leave with an action plan that’s personal to them.   

Drop in clinics

The perfect opportunity for staff to ask questions and discuss health concerns on a 121 basis. This can be in a private seated area with pre-booked slots or can be done as part of a tasting table where they can sample healthy snacks. Food is always a good way to get people talking!


Courses & Programmes

These can range from four to 12 weeks and will give staff ongoing support with tasks to work on each week. These tasks will build into significant changes over the course of the programme. Programmes are mostly online with recordings for staff to catch up at a later date and therefore reaching a greater number of staff.

121 Consultations

Ideal for staff who are struggling with chronic conditions, mental health or stress. They provide personalised support to improve energy, mood and sleep as well as providing options for eating at work and simple nutritious meals at home. These sessions can be fully paid for or subsidised by the employer.

Please see the attached PDF for further information. 

Experience & Feedback

Cardiff Nutritionist has been providing wellbeing services to organisations since 2011, allowing a unique insight into what works and what employees are most likely to engage with.   


"Joanne Crovini was fantastic. She gave excellent advice and tips on a subject I am very interested in" Dyfed Powys Police

"Very informative, lots of tips. Gave me a lot to think about, the way I eat and what I eat and foods I could introduce" Cardiff University via Revive at Work

"You are the first person to make any dietary sense!"

David, Balfour Beatty

Who I've worked with

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