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Nutrition MOT

An hour dedicated to you with all of your questions answered.

  • Are you confused by what you read about a healthy diet?

  • Do you switch between one plan and another regularly?

  • Are you unsure if what you’re eating is healthy?

  • Would you like to know that your diet is the best for you?

  • Do you want to optimise your nutrition and your health?

My Nutrition MOT or Power Hour is the perfect choice if you don’t have any specific health concerns or conditions, but want to know that you’re getting the best out of your diet and that it’s the right diet for you. 


You’ll leave feeling motivated, with specific goals to work towards and knowing what the three most important changes for you are and how they fit in with your routine. You’ll feel the peace of mind of knowing what’s right for you and having had all of your questions answered.


This is perfect if you’re not quite ready to commit to a 121 programme, if you’ve worked with me on a programme before and need to check in or if you just need an assessment of your current diet and if it works with your goals.


Book a Nutrition
MOT for £125

Contact me to discuss your needs further.

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