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Nutrition for Fitness

You have to get the basics right to get the results you want. 


  • Are you training hard but not getting the results you want?

  • Are you training for an event and want to make sure your diet is optimal?

  • Is it taking too long to recover from training?

  • Is there stubborn fat that you can’t shift no matter how hard you train?

  • Do you find yourself exhausted after exercise?

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If you want to increase your stamina, build muscle, lose fat and see your progression as well as maintaining energy then nutrition will be a key part of your strategy. There’s no point turning to shakes, supplements and sports drinks unless you have the basics in place. It’s important to balance your energy, manage day to day stress and ensure your diet meets demands so you don’t fall into over-training or under-nourishing, which amount to the same thing.


I work 121 with fitness clients who are busy and are not getting the results that they want in order to ensure adequate nutrients and hydration through the day as well as fuelling training properly so they get the maximum out of training sessions. You can choose from four, eight or 12 sessions.

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