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How it Works

The Nutritional Therapy Programme


I work with clients for a minimum of 30 days with an initial longer appointment followed by four shorter appointments at weekly intervals. This allows me to break down the changes into manageable chunks and to provide ongoing support and accountability, meaning better results for you.

Before meeting I'll ask you to fill in questionnaires that let me know your current symptoms, your lifestyle, what you are eating at the moment and what you would like to achieve. I will assess these and carry out any necessary research before meeting you. At our initial meeting I'll clarify the details and create a personalised diet, lifestyle and supplement plan that's specific to your needs.

At the weekly meetings, which are normally via Skype, we can review how you've managed in the last week, what has worked well and what you may be struggling with, before moving to the next stage or giving more support and ideas around what you are already doing. You will also have email access throughout the 30 days to answer questions that come up along the way. 

All programmes include recipes and meal plan suggestions.


I know that it's not always easy to change habits and it can take time. This method of working allows me to support and coach you whilst you make lasting changes for the best success. Book in a free no obligation 15 minute call to discuss your needs and find out which programme is best for you.

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